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Main Activity Areas

1. PROJECTS. Design, development, implementation, management and evaluation of projects and programs funded by the EU or other donors in the area of corporate governance, legislative reform, capacity building etc. 

2. ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT and improved performance, including:

  • Strategic planning  and change management  
  • Planning and development of tailored professional training programs
  • Organisation of corporate events, meetings, seminars, team buildings 
  • Facilitation – management of meetings and group work for increased efficiency in achieving the set objectives 
  • Human resource development – personnel management, evaluation and motivation, development of social competences


  • Public relations – design and implementation of communication strategies, training and consulting in effective media relations 
  • Advocacy - “Project Space” is a member of the Transparent Lobbying International Group, which provides advocacy services to organisations on issues which contribute to the favourable economic and social development in the country. 
  • Mediation – out-of-court dispute resolution, informational seminars, certification courses


4. Coaching and personal development:


  • Coaching process  



  • Goal Setting and Achievement
  • Personal development

  • Strength and talent finding 




What our clients are saying

Project Space's founders and managing partners, Ralitsa Petrova and Zlatislava Mihailova, were instrumental to BearingPoint's successful experiences in Bulgaria – most particularly in implementing USAID's Commercial Law Reform...

Keith C. Molkner, Managing Director, Emerging Markets, BearingPoint Inc.