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Services for businesses

1. Financing of companies under EU assistance programs

  •  If you don’t have enough information or the resources to follow the constantly changing requirements for EU assistance, give us a call and we will meet you to present the open programs and the possibilities they offer. 
  • If you already know the basics but you are not sure hoe to structure more convincingly your idea, we can help you write the project proposal.   
  • And finally, if your project was approved but you don’t have enough resources for to manage it well, we can provide further assistance in planning the cash-flow, implementing and reporting on the project activities.

2. Organizational Development

  • Organizational development is a long-term consulting intervention which can help you improve the efficiency of you company. 
  • It starts with a working session with the company directors at which the basis needs and expectations will be defined together with the desired change for the company. 
  • The process will continue with an evaluation, planning corrective actions and actual implementation of the change. The change may be related to the efficiency of the work processes, the productivity and the motivation of the personnel, development of new services, re-structuring, starting new services etc.

3. Effective Communication

The opportunities in this area are practically unlimited:

  • Improving the internal company communication in order to increase the efficiency and the motivation of the personnel;
  • Improving customer relations. Some companies stop thinking about communication after they have printed the New Year calendars. We believe that if advertising is not combined with a good customer care program, these resources will be spent with modest results.
  • Managerial skills and team work. Again, we will help you develop you skills depending on your specific needs, whether you have new staff coming on board, or if you plan to promote some of your employees. Out team building events are among the

4. Out-of-Court Dispute Resolution

  • Even if you have done you best to prepare your contracts professionally, there are cases in which you will have conflicts with your clients and partners. We recommend you to turn to a mediator who can help you resolve the dispute without having to go to court in order to protect your interests and preserve the confidentiality in your commercial relationships. Of course you can use mediation during a pending court case. If you are not sure if your case can be resolved through mediation, call us or get in touch with through the web-page, so that we can meet and evaluate the case. This first evaluation session will be free of charge.  

5. Organization of Company Events

  • One more opportunity to save time and to get one step ahead of you competitors by demonstrating creativity when you celebrate and usefulness when you organize professional events. 
  • When the meeting or the seminar is especially important and you want to conduct meaningful discussions, we recommend you to hire a professional facilitator to help you achieve the desired results.




What our clients are saying...

„Project Space have helped us identify funding opportunity and develop project proposals for the European Union and United States Agency for International Development. Due to their support we were..."

Reneta Nikolova, Chair of the Board, Club “Journalists against Corruption”