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Government Services

1. Organizational Development

  •  Many Bulgarian institutions are currently going through a process of restructuring because of the need to decrease personnel or because they have a change in their functions and need to establish new units. The expert consulting activity will help managers run a swift process of change.

2. Effective Communication

  •  The public image of most state institutions has been formed by incomplete information or lack of understanding about the problems this institution has to resolve. How to defend the accomplishments we have achieved?  The answer to this question is – prepare a well-designed communication strategy which takes into account current attitudes and beliefs and desired changes in the public image of the organization.

3. Development, Evaluation and Project Management

  •  We can help you plan, develop, evaluate and manage projects financed by different donors.

4. Professional Event Organization

  •  You can assign to us the overall organization of the planned event – starting from the agenda, logistics, facilitation, processing of results and recommendations for next steps.


What our clients are saying...

„Project Space have helped us identify funding opportunity and develop project proposals for the European Union and United States Agency for International Development. Due to their support we were..."

Reneta Nikolova, Chair of the Board, Club “Journalists against Corruption”