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Services for NGOs

1. Organizational Development

  • This is the main focus in our services for non-government and professional membership organizations. Although these organizations have good access to modern theories and are well informed about the principles of good management, they rarely have the enough resources to build a stable and financially viable organization. Quite often, the initial period of growth and enthusiasm steps away to a period of insecurity and routine implementation of everyday tasks without any link to the mission of the organization. We can offer our rich experience in supporting NGOs and our firm belief that the effective functioning of civil society is necessary and possible.   

2. Strategic and Business Planning

  • In the process of strategic planning we apply participation techniques which will make your staff feel a sense of ownership and will involve the interested stakeholders.

3. Effective Communication

  • We can help you develop advocacy and communication strategies, and train you staff how to communicate with the media and stakeholders in order to build a positive image for your organization. 


What our clients are saying...

„Project Space have helped us identify funding opportunity and develop project proposals for the European Union and United States Agency for International Development. Due to their support we were..."

Reneta Nikolova, Chair of the Board, Club “Journalists against Corruption”