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Government Services

Lack of funds is not an excuse! Interested to find out about the variety of tools and solutions you have available?
You are wondering how to manage handling all responsibilities within the limited budget you have?
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Services for NGOs

Organizations never stop growing and developing. What more can you do?
How can you be more efficient in representing the interests of your members and structure successful advocacy campaigns?
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Services for Businesses

Are you taking advantage of all market possibilities?
Are you utilizing resources efficiently?
Your business is growing faster than you planned, what can you do to meet this challenge?
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  • Dedication to excellence – being good and “giving it a try” is not sufficient. We do not compromise with quality thus supporting our clients in their efforts to excel. 
  • Focus on client needs – when performing a task for you, we will make sure that we don’t offer ready-made solutions and we will adapt the theory and our previous experience to your specific needs.  
  • Creativity – we challenge our clients to view problems from a different perspective, so that they can be more effective in finding the best positive solution. 
  • Inclusion and team spirit – our principles require complete inclusion of all stakeholders – clients, partners, people and organisations having a stake in the work results. 
  • Transparency – you are open, accountable and we believe in clear relationships based on mutual respect.


Our clients are saying

Project Space helps winning teams achieve more.  It’s founders Zlati Mihailova and Rali Petrova have designed a program that inspires teams to cultivate their creative processes, build newer, greater visions, and plan their..."

Chris Thompson, International Development Consultant