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Competent and reliable consultant assistance

woman_writes.jpgProject Space is the place where you can receive competent and reliable high quality consultant assistance for:

  • Design and management of projects and programs funded by the European Union and other donors;
  • Improving your communication with external and internal clients;
  • Enhancing overall performance of your organization;
  • Organizational development and change management.
Recent Projects
  • Project "Increasing the motivation and performance evaluation of the staff of Camusat Bulgaria - a telecommunication company.
  •  Increasing the capacity of the judiciary and training on the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms at the National Institute of Justice initiated on 11th February 2013 with the signing of the Agreement between the Ministry of Justice as the Programme Operator and the beneficiary, the National Institute of Justice with the partnership of the Council of Europe. The project has the duration of 24 months and is funded under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014. Expected results: 1.A working model of regional and centralized training sessions in the area of human rights and fundamental freedoms;2.  Creation of a permanent platform for dialogue among all stakeholders involved in the application and enforcement of human rights in the form of Justice and Human Rights Forum  followed by workshops; 3.Compilation of training materials in the field of human rights, including the creation of a comprehensive on-line data base.
  • Better Enforcement Through Twinning (BESTT), Georgia - EU funded project, Component Leader of Communication and Public Awareness.
  • Reorganization and change managements project for the Office of PEA Milen Bazinski - evaluation and needs assessment, reorganization structure and plan, a series of training modules specifically developed for the needs of the office, performance assessment and remuneration system development.


  • EU Euralius Project, Tirana, Albania - evaluation of enforcement reform efforts and implementation of Case Management System.
  • On-going management training program for the Orgachim/ Policolor painting factories implemented by Alicorn Consut. Two new modules were designed and delivered: "Creative Thinking" and "Intercultural Competencies and Emotional Intelligence".


  • A team-building program for the National Electricity Company under the motto "Change is under way. Let's make it happen together." The team building sessions contain a combination of physical, logical and creative tasks which helped the team members learn more about each other and encouraged them to discuss the challenges in the development of the company in a fun and non-traditional way.

  • Organizational development and management consulting for Svea Sewing Factory. Through a succession of training, consulting and coaching sessions, we worked on improving quality and efficiency and helped the team resolve existing problems in communication and personnel management.

  • Five modules in a Train-the-trainers program we designed and delivered under an OPAC program of the Ministry of Justice.

  • A training on Management Skills for private enforcement agents in Bulgaria and Albania. Topics included: essence of management, business processes, motivation, team work and others.

  • Project Space completed the second client survey on the quality of the services provited by private enforcement agents in Bulgaria. It was carried out witin the project "Strenghtening the System of Private Enforcement in Bulgaria implemented by CILC and funded by the MATRA Program for Social Transformation in Central and Eastern Europe of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.   

  • "Mediation and the Courts - a successful partnership for improved access to justice" - project funded by the America for Bulgaria Foundation. Activities include, among others, trainings for mediators working at the Settlement Center of the Sofia Regional Court.  

  • Team Building for the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The programme of this one-day seminar was centered around cultural similarities and differences and raising awareness of diversity for improving team communication and the general climate in the organization.

  • Facilitation of Roundtables of the Bulgarian Human Resource Managemnt and Development Association of Specialists on professional certification of HR specialists 

  • Roma Fashion. An artistic project incorporating cinema, theatre, music, poetry and fashion, which presents in an original way the beauty, heritage and influence of Roma culture around the world with a message of dignified belonging. 

  • Balkan Enforcement Reform Project (BERP). The project involves seven countries from the Western Balkans - Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Monte Negro, Croatia and Bosnia and Hertsegovina. It's objective is to support the reforms in the local judicial systems and to improve the efficiency of private enforcement.

  • OLAF – The Euro Funds Watchdog - A project funded by the EU Operational Programme “Administrative Capacity” (OPAC). 



What our clients are saying

„Project Space experts provided valuable assistance to the building of the Chamber – from its establishment to the development of effective services for its members and creating a positive public image of the organization..."

Georgi Dichev, Chairman of the Chamber of Private Enforcement Agents


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